Qigong & Taichi Classes & Workshops                                      

Term 2 
Tues 2.30pm Taichi & Qigong LEOPOLD 4th June - 23rd July ($15 casual, pay at the office) 
Thurs 2pm Qigong OCEAN GROVE starts 2nd May - 4th July (8 week course) No classes 13th & 20th June. Last extra class 11th July. $20 casual
Fri 12pm Taichi & Qigong GEELONG WEST starts 3rd May - 5th July (8 weeks course). No classes 14th & 21st June. $20 casual                                  
Please text 0425 801 912 to let me know you'll be attending.

There will be no term 3 classes as I will be on maternity leave. 

Private Qigong sessions via Skype:
Email or call Kerry on 0425 801 912.

Weekly Qigong videos - access from home and practice from the comfort of your own home.
Weekly calls - ask any questions you may have.
One-on-one private coaching session each month - personal help

Prenatal Qigong is sometimes called Daoist Yoga or Chinese Yoga. It helps clear mental clutter & reconnects you to your inner self through unity of movement and breath with visualisation. Movements are relaxing, profound yet simple. A self-empowering practice to support you through your pregnancy and beyond.
Suits all levels, from 12-42 weeks of pregnancy.

-Qigong Breathing
-Qigong movements particularly for women that are safe during pregnancy
-Walking Qigong
-Seated Qigong meditation

Tuesday classes Leopold: Leopold Community Hub, 31-39 Kensington Rd, Multi-purpose room upstairs from library.
Thursday Ocean Grove: Kyo Yoga, 91 The Parade.
Friday midday Geelong West: Geelong West Community Hub, 89 Autumn St.
Sunday workshops: Geelong West Community Hub, 89 Autumn St.

Tai Chi 

Are you looking for a form of exercise that will calm and uplift your spirit? 

Tai Chi reduces high blood pressure and effectively calms the inner chatterbox. It is enjoyable and will help conditions such as arthritis.

"Tai Chi... may safely and effectively be used to treat knee osteoarthritis...Significant improvements have been reported in balance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and respiratory function, and reduction of pain, depression, anxiety and arthritic symptoms in a variety of patient populations including KOA."
- Tai Chi for Treating Knee Osteoarthritis: Designing a Long-term Follow up Randomized Controlled Trial - BMC -Musculoskeletal Disorders, 15 Sept 2008.

Yang style 24 form Tai Chi consists of graceful flowing movements that loosen and limber while improving your circulation and joint mobility. It promotes relaxation through slow, smooth movements practiced with a relaxed mind.

What is Qigong (or Chi Kung)?

Regulate the Body, Mind and Qi through postures, movements, relaxation and focus. Qigong is immeasurably beneficial & efficient at moving Qi, calming the Mind, strengthening the Body & harmonizing the physical, emotional and mental aspects of Being. Workshops covering a particular Qigong form are held throughout the year. These are usually 3 hours on a Sunday. Register your interest now and we’ll let you know about future workshops.

Qigong is based on the same principles that are applied in Chinese medicine. Movements & breath harmonise organs, meridians and emotions & rebalance our energy systems. Transform stuck, negative energy into positive healing energy. Subtle energy or life force flows freely through our bodies when we are in good health. Emotions are energy too. When this energy gets stuck or stagnant, it can lead to pain or ill health physically and emotionally. Chi Kung is a healing art that gently moves this energy and transmutes it into vitality and health. It's an enjoyable and gentle way to bring greater equilibrium to our bodies, minds & hearts.

Learn Ancient Methods for Peace and Wellbeing. For thousands of years the Chinese have practiced Qigong and Tai Chi to encourage health, prolong life, reduce stress, cuiltivate awareness, engender a sense of balance and elevate one’s mood.  

Forms that may be taught over the year include

Five Elements 
Tendon & Meridian Cleansing method 
Joint Nourishing & Bone Marrow Washing Method 
Qi Gathering Method 
Da Wu Six Healing Sounds 
Five Animal Frolic 
Taichi Yang style 24 Form